Loyalty & Rewards

B&b Loyalty App

Earn a Free Workshop in as few as Five Visits!

The Board & Brush Loyalty & Rewards Program is now better than ever! A new, digital version lets customers earn points toward a free visit automatically when you register for a workshop and enroll in the program. Paper punch cards will be discontinued, but don’t worry, any current paper punch cards can be redeemed for points with the digital Loyalty & Rewards Program.

How it Works

Instead of getting a single “punch” for each workshop you attend, you’ll be awarded one loyalty point for every $1 you spend at registration. Once you reach the preset threshold, you’re eligible to enjoy a free three-hour Pick Your Project workshop.

  • Earn one point for every $1 spent on a workshop seat through the B&b website.
  • Earn one point for every $1 spent on a Shop Local purchase through the B&b website.
  • Earn one free workshop by accumulating just 345 points!

You could earn a free seat at a three-hour Pick Your Project workshop in as few as five visits to a Board & Brush Creative Studio near you!

Some Restrictions Apply

Multiple Guests: Each customer may only earn loyalty points for the seat he or she occupies at a given workshop. However, each guest is welcome (and encouraged!) to sign up for the program and earn his or her own points.

Coupons: The dollar value of any coupons redeemed will not count toward loyalty points.

Reward Code: Reward Codes have no dollar value. Any Reward Code redeemed will not count toward loyalty points.

Is my Board & Brush punch card still valid?

Definitely! The Board & Brush punch card program is being discontinued; however, any valid punch cards can be redeemed at any Board & Brush location for points in the new program.

How do I enroll?

On your next visit to Board & Brush, use the digital check-in system to create a Loyalty & Rewards account. Just follow the prompts on the screen – a trained Board & Brush employee will be there to help.

Are all locations using the same digital loyalty program?

Yes. Points for your Loyalty & Rewards account can be earned – and redeemed! – at any Board & Brush location in the country.

What purchases are eligible for Loyalty points?

All purchases made for a workshop seat and any purchases made through Shop Local at any Board & Brush location, excluding any taxes or fees, are eligible to earn points. Points are awarded during check in at the workshop or order pickup.

Why do I need to check-in at the workshop?

This is the best way for us to automatically assign loyalty points to your account. It only takes a few seconds and makes accumulating points as simple as possible.

How will I know when I have earned a free workshop?

As soon as you earn enough loyalty points, you’ll receive both a text message and an email with a unique code that you can use on our website to book your free workshop.

We hope you love our creative studio and our custom designs!.

All designs offered by Board & Brush for the enjoyment of our customers are protected by copyright and federal law.  Any unauthorized use or copying without permission from Board & Brush is expressly prohibited.