Board & Brush Bethany Beach, DE is Now Open!

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Please help us give a warm welcome to our newest franchise location: Board & Brush Bethany Beach, DE! We are so thrilled to have new owner Rachel Wells as a part of our growing franchise family.

Rachel Wells has always been crafty and creative. In fact, DIY is her default! She can thank her parents for that…her mom, Carrie, is an avid knitter, sewer, and calligrapher, while her dad, John, is a photographer and self-taught woodworker. After working as a camp counselor as a teenager, playing an active role in her sorority in college, and starting her own home organization business as a post-grad, Rachel has always loved being hands-on, working with people, and creating things.

When Rachel unintentionally stumbled upon Board & Brush, she immediately knew it was a perfect fit and began brainstorming ways to get involved. In less than 8 months, she opened her doors! Rachel was raised in Manhattan and lived there for almost 30 years before relocating to Bethany Beach, where she and her family live just 10 miles from her parents. You can expect to see Rachel, Carrie, and John all in the studio!

Board & Brush Bethany Beach is located in the Hickman Plaza on Cedar Neck Road. Check out their calendar for events perfect for your next Girls’ Night, Date Night, and more!

Owner of Board & Brush Bethany Beach
Owner of Board & Brush Bethany Beach
  • Lisa R

    Congratulations, Rachel! Huge wishes for success! ❤️

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