Board & Brush Libertyville, IL is NOW OPEN!

 In Company News

We were so excited when Gin Kennedy decided to open Board & Brush Libertyville!  Gin was our very FIRST franchisee and the person that you can thank for Board & Brush being the #1 DIY studio in the nation.  She approached Julie Selby, our Board & Brush founder within three weeks of opening our very first studio in Hartland and said she wanted to do it to!  Since that first fateful day, Gin opened Board & Brush Elm Grove, WI & Board & Brush Oak Creek, WI!  The Libertyville studio is number three!

Libertyville is a Village in Lake County Illinois. It’s an affluent suburb that has many things to offer to its residents and for those that live in the surrounding areas. There are many boutiques and restaurants along Downtown Main Street where there is something for everyone.  We know Libertyville will do great!!




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