Board & Brush Westborough, MA is NOW OPEN!

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We are very excited to welcome Lori Arnold & Kerri Walthers to the Board & Brush family!  After living in Wisconsin and attending the original/first Board & Brush location, Kerri was excited to introduce the concept to Lori!  After attending a workshop in Amesbury, MA they knoew this was something that they wanted to do together!  Board & Brush Westborough is located in the quintessential New England town was incorporated in 1717 as the 100th town in Massachusetts and is home to many great restaurants and breweries including Arturo’s Ristorante, Cold Harbor Brewery, Sapporo, Red Heat Tavern, Ted’s Montana Grill, and Tavolino.  The addition of Board & Brush was the perfect opportunity to bring a little DIY to this great town.  Stop in today to make your own DIY creation.



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