Make Date Night Great with a Little DIY, Wine and Paint

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A romantic outing with your partner, a fun girls’ night with your bestie or an educational event on your own – there are so many reasons why incorporating wine, paint and a little DIY are the perfect elements for a memorable date. Forgo the headache associated with having to book restaurant reservations or the blah response you’ll get from suggesting a movie. Think outside the box and pull together plans that can be romantic, educational, creative and a great opportunity to further connect with your companion.

Consider these 4 reasons why a little DIY, wine and paint will make your night out better:

1. It Redefines Date Night

It is not uncommon for couples to fall into mundane day-to-day activities without giving thought to adding experiences that can light a spark in your relationship. According to research done by Stony Brook University social psychologist, Arthur Aron, Ph.D., injecting new activities or classes into your usual mix of favorite things to do together is a key ingredient of a good relationship. Choosing something that you have never done before together floods your brain with dopamine (a mood-boosting chemical), and in many circumstances, helps you and your partner become more strongly connected.

Committing to taking a class and learning something new with a partner or friend is a great way to liven up a relationship and enjoy a stress-free time that promotes teamwork. In addition to spending time together, the joy and excitement experienced compounds positive energy that provides special memories you will always share with one another.

2. Wine Makes Everything More Fun

 Wine makes every night out more fun. Additionally, did you know that wine can also make you more creative? Austrian scientists have found that wine (in moderate quantities) is linked with certain aspects of creativity. Not a wine drinker? Most creative studio workshops offer beverage options to suit you, your partner or your party’s unique tastes.

 3. Your Creativity Will Shine

 A DIY, board, paint and wine creative wood sign workshop is an easy way to let your creativity shine. With all of the supplies provided for you and a knowledgeable instructor who will lead the group step-by-step through the construction and design process, participants simply need to book a class day and time, attend, and be self-assured that their creation will be amazing.

During this particular creative studio wood sign workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to learn the art of distressing wood, sanding, assembling boards and choosing stain and paint to reflect your personal preference and home décor. While this is a directional activity, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake. Go in fearlessly creative and it’s guaranteed that your work will reflect a uniqueness that is fitting to your own style.

4. Take Home a Personalized Participation Gift

Bob Villa and Picasso have nothing on you – walk away with a creation that is unlike anything you’ll find hanging in your favorite home goods store. In fact, this is a participation award unlike one you’ve ever received. That’s right… you actually get to take home your amazing work and put it on display or gift it to a lucky friend or family member.

Are you planning to attend a workshop or book a party for a special occasion or holiday? No need to stress out over finding the perfect something for your partner because the class IS the gift. Not only will you have an incredible time, you’ll walk away with a beautifully-crafted custom wood sign that will be the perfect memento from a time you will remember for years to come.

If you’d like to become a DIY master, show your artistic side with a board and paintbrush, all while meeting new people and sipping wine, a creative studio workshop or party could be the perfect date or girl’s night out option. Single guys shouldn’t be deterred – you’ll learn some stellar woodworking skills, and it’s likely the girl-to-guy ratio will be in your favor. Still not sure if a creative studio class is for you?

Learn more about what to expect from an energizing Board & Brush workshop and find a location near you.

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