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We are thrilled to be welcoming Kaci Trowbridge to the Board & Brush family as the owner of the new Board & Brush Abilene, TX!

After graduating from Angelo State University, Kaci became a realtor and enjoyed seeing the variety of home designs. She eventually bought a 1925 fixer-upper and started the remodeling process. While looking for custom pieces for her home, her hairdresser suggested that they should head over to Board & Brush and make some themselves! After attending her first workshop, she was in love with the variety of choices and how customizable it all was. Kaci has always loved interior design and creating unique décor and wanted to share the activity with others; so opening her own Board & Brush in Abilene, an area she is from and has family in, was a perfect choice!

Board & Brush Abilene is located in Downtown Abilene on 6th Street. The lone old brick building is just a short walk to the arts and restaurants and is located on the backside of the Abilene Convention Center. There is plenty of lighted parking as well at Storybook Garden across the street.  Check out their calendar for events perfect for your next Girls’ Night, Date Night, and more!

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