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Let’s give a warm Board & Brush welcome to Cisco and Christina Boudreaux, the owners of the new Board & Brush Broussard, LA!

Cisco and Christina are both very hard workers who love to take on new adventures. Cisco has been in the oil industry for over 15 years and Christina has been a manager for over 20 years, with experience in managing retail since the age of 17. They are both people that have always worked very hard toward any goal that they have set. When the opportunity to join the Board & Brush family presented itself, they knew they had to jump at it!

Cisco and Christina first met 19 years ago and have been married for 15 years now. They have two sons, one that is 15 and another that is 10. Both of their boys have a love for football and baseball that keeps them very busy!

Board & brush Broussard is located in the Sweetland shopping center on Albertsons Parkway (right next door to the Subway, Taco Bell, and Walk-Ons Bar and Grill) across from Albertson’s grocery store. Check out their calendar for events perfect for your next Girls’ Night, Date Night, and more!

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