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Board & Brush Creative Studio, the country’s fastest-growing DIY wood sign and home décor art workshop franchise, announced that it has partnered with the Japanese home improvement store chain CAINZ to bring workshops to customers in Japan. The workshops will be held in select CAINZ stores, at community events, and through online workshops, and are expected to begin this month. This is the first venture outside the United States for the Hartland, Wis.-based Board & Brush company, which has more than 250 U.S. locations in 43 states. Board & Brush is the first U.S. home décor DIY franchise to have an international presence.

CAINZ, part of the Beisia Group and headquartered in Saitama, Japan, has 226 stores in Japan, making it the leader in the Japanese home improvement industry. The website,, notes that CAINZ customers like to personalize their spaces and lifestyles, with CAINZ sourcing product offerings from both inside and outside Japan to deliver creative, affordable solutions. CAINZ opened its first home store in 1978.

According to Board & Brush founder and owner, Julie Selby, while the expansive library of original Board & Brush designs will be available to CAINZ, the designs themselves will likely be scaled down in size, with smaller signs better suited for Japanese homes. Along with the wood sign items, CAINZ has also indicated an interest in bringing specialty workshops to its customers, including workshops to create pillows, tote bags, welcome mats, and towels. Selby is planning to send trainers from Wisconsin to Japan in the coming months, while currently offering initial training and support via video conferencing.

Selby knew partnering with CAINZ was a fit when she saw how perfectly the company’s mission aligned with the mission of Board & Brush. “The philosophy of CAINZ is to treat everyone with kindness and compassion while providing services and workshops to create a lot of smiles, and that describes exactly the Board & Brush experience that has created so many loyal fans in the U.S.,” shared Selby.

Selby noted that CAINZ first contacted her in 2020, having learned about Board & Brush from the company’s strong brand and internet presence in the U.S. CAINZ is hoping to have workshops available in 13 stores in eight prefectures by next month, and in 30 stores by the end of next year. The Board & Brush name will be used in English for Japanese customers and will not be translated. Selby expects the holiday and welcome home designs to be especially popular with CAINZ customers.



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