Board & Brush Forest Hill, MD is NOW OPEN!

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We’re so excited to welcome Allison and Luther Bell to the Board & Brush family as they open Board & Brush Forest Hill, MD!

Allison majored in Fashion Design and began her career as an Assistant Designer and Production Assistant at two different companies. After other careers to suit a growing family, Allison and Luther decided to work for MD Biochemical, a family business. Allison and Luther have always had a passion for building, painting and crafting together! Over the past several years they’ve worked together building DIY projects around the house. When Allison found Board & Brush, she instantly fell in love with the concept, farmhouse style, and the vintage distressed look!

Board & Brush Forest Hill, MD located off of Route 24 on Newport Drive next to The Playroom. Check out their calendar for events perfect for your next Girls’ Night, Date Night, and more!

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