Board & Brush Raleigh, NC is Now Open!

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Board & Brush Raleigh, NC is now open! We are thrilled to welcome new owners, Letticia & Dave Ruderman, to the Board & Brush family!

Letticia Aviles-Ruderman has worked in Information Technology since graduating from college. She currently works as a Senior Independent Verification and Validation Analyst, which is a position that lacks the socializing that she loves. Letticia has always been extremely outgoing and thrives on interaction with any and all people, which is why DIY has brought her so much joy in her personal life. Her decision to open a Board & Brush studio not only allows her to “work” with people from the Raleigh community but also to get to know the community where she lives!

Letticia is excited to have her husband, Dave, and their Whoodle (Wheaton Terrier/Poodle Mix), Ruben, alongside her in this exciting venture. Dave will be the CWC (Chief Wood Cutter), while Ruben is the Studio Greeter, and Letticia will be instructing our workshops!

Board & Brush Raleigh is located in the Lynnwood Shopping Center between the Raleigh Grand Movie Theater and the Lynnwood Grill & Brewing Concern. Check out their calendar for events perfect for your next Girls’ Night, Date Night, and more!

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