HOW TO: “Stage” DIY Decor in your Own Home

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So you’ve attended a Board & Brush workshop and created a beautiful piece of art that you’re proud to display…now what? While we know that your new décor piece will be the star of the show, we also know that sometimes other complementary pieces are needed to really bring your space to life. Instead of simply plopping your new tray on the table or hanging your sign on the wall, it can be fun to play around with adding other décor items to make your home look like it’s straight out of a home décor magazine!

As we always say, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate your home. The beauty of a home is the individualistic styles and elements that make it unique to each family! But if you’re looking for some general tips and tricks for staging your DIY projects at home, you’ve come to the right place!

Wall Signs

Wall signs are what originally started Board & Brush, and they are still some of our favorites to this day! When it comes to displaying a wall sign in your home, it’s often the elements around the sign that help make the wall feel complete. One great way to create a finished look is by creating a gallery wall, with your project in the middle surrounded by family photos in varying frames. Another is to place a console table beneath the sign and use the table to display your favorite items: family photos of varying sizes and heights, a touch of greenery or floral, or seasonal elements.

We love the way this project was staged with personal touches of family and mixed textures from the wood, the runner, and the pumpkins:



Family Flourish Basic Photo
Family Flourish Staged Photo

Table Trivets

Trivets are a beautiful way to decorate your family table not only for when you have guests coming over, but for the average day-to-day. One of our favorite “staging” tips is to add a table runner beneath our trivets. Layering is one of the oldest décor tricks, as it gives you the opportunity to add texture and color to an already standout piece. For our trivet staging, we took it a step further and set up a stunning tablescape complete with dishware and linens. While it may seem counterintuitive to set the table when you aren’t expecting guests, it truly adds an element of sophistication and completeness. And hey, there’ll be one less thing you have to do when guests do come over!



Trivet Basic Photo
Trivet Staged Photo

Mantle Décor

The fireplace mantle will forever be one of our favorite places to decorate. Perhaps because it’s the statement element in every living room, or maybe because so many fond memories happen while cozied around the fireplace with loved ones. Either way, bringing a décor piece to the mantle feels extra special. When we stage, we always choose items that feel cohesive with our DIY project. You want to bring in colors that complement each other and items that don’t overpower the main piece. In the case of staging our ornate barn, bringing in some fall flowers with glass vases felt fresh and cozy. Mantles are also a great place to bring pillar or taper candles of varying heights. As always, there’s no right way to finalize your mantle, but bringing in pieces that feel special to you is a great place to start!



Ornate Barn Basic Photo
Ornate Barn Staged Photo


Our trays are one of the easiest pieces to bring into your home – there are no nails needed and you can easily move them around from place to place! They also add a functional aspect to any space, making a great piece to hold drinks, food, candles, and more. When we bring a tray to a coffee table, ottoman, or console table, we always try to bring in practical elements that don’t feel like clutter. Consider a scented candle in a pretty jar, a beaded garland to loosely lay down, and an element of greenery or floral. Be sure not to overcrowd the tray, as you still want space for practical items like your morning coffee or TV remotes! Our finishing touch is also a textured table runner to complement the rustic feel of the wood.



Plaid Tray Basic Photo
Plaid Tray Staged Photo

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