How to Style Three Different Tablescapes For Fall

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With the next couple of months bringing different holidays and changes of season, we are always thinking of ways to breathe new life into our space! While photo frames, wood signs, mirrors, and window treatments are the first things we often think of when looking to decorate any space, there is so much additional décor potential you may not have even considered!

Think tablescapes – whether it be your large dining table, a coffee table in your cozy living room, or a console table in your hallway. So, what exactly is a tablescape? A tablescape is described as a creative and intentionally arranged tabletop that conveys a specific theme, mood, or experience. Decorating your tables is a great way to add elements of YOU in your home, and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for the guests that come to visit.

Come along with us as we decorate 3 different tablescapes for the fall season. We hope that this will help you become inspired to bring some of these elements into your own home as well!

Dining Table

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? Or maybe you just want to have your table beautifully set for an everyday occasion. Whatever the reason, here are some elements you can bring into your tablescape!

  • Table runner – First, consider adding a fabric table runner that helps add texture and visual interest. It can be neutral to your space, or perhaps seasonally themed and colorful!
  • Trivet – Here is where Board & Brush can help! Check out our gallery to see our beautiful wood trivet options. Whether you’re looking for a pattern or a pretty family quote, we have a project for you!
  • Add some greenery – Bring some life and color to the table with some flowers or greenery. Whether it’s a vase of fresh flowers, or perhaps some life-like faux greenery tucked around the trivet, this is a great way to add some additional visual interest to your table.
  • Add some small décor elements – In the spirit of fall, we added some small pumpkins to the ends of the trivet! You could also add tall candlesticks or intimate tea lights.
  • Set your table – Now that the groundwork is done, it’s time to set your table! Add your plates, silverware, glasses, and napkins. We chose to add rustic napkin holders to match the wood from our trivet!

You’re all done and ready to wow your guests! It’s amazing the impact a nicely set table can have, especially with so much holiday entertaining to come.

Console Table

Next, let’s take a look at the elements that will take a console table from basic to fabulous!

  • Table runner – A fabric table runner is a great way to add some texture to your console table. The mix of wood from the table and the fabric of the runner creates the perfect combo!
  • Pumpkins – During the fall time, consider adding festive elements like pumpkins or gourds. Pro tip – try mixing sizes and colors for added visual interest!
  • Hang your wall art – Here’s the best part…come on into Board & Brush and make your very own DIY project worthy of the wall behind your console table! You’ll get to add you own creative touch by picking your own stain and paint colors to match your home’s aesthetic. In this case, we made one of our new fall trios to fill the space and make a bold statement!

Coffee Table

Your coffee table is often a statement piece in itself, but let’s take a look at some ways to really make it stand out in your living space!

  • Start with a tray – A large tray combines two of our favorite things – function and beauty! By adding a tray to your display more décor elements! A tray is also an excellent way to prevent hot and cold liquids from leaving a mark on your wooden table. At Board & Brush, we offer a variety of seasonal and everyday trays – including our customer favorite “Farmhemian” tray!
  • Add small décor items – Now that your tray is placed and ready to be decorated, you can choose which kind of items you like to feature! Consider things like a fall scented candle, some flowers or greenery (fresh or faux!), your favorite books, or some large chunky beads. This is where you get to add little elements of YOU! The best part is, you can switch out these smaller items seasonally.

Now that your coffee table is perfected, you can sit back and relax with a warm cup of coffee!

Feeling Inspired?

Hopefully, our tips and tricks to decorate the tables in your home have you feeling inspired! If you’re not sure exactly where to start, a Board & Brush workshop is a great place! Browse our gallery, enjoy a night out with friends, and leave with a décor piece that you’ll be proud to display in your home.

If your fall calendar is already filling up quickly, you can always visit our Shop Local gallery to purchase @HOME KITS or premade projects from a studio near you. This is a great way to have some seasonal DIY at home with friends or the whole family!

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