Board & Brush’s Guide to UNIQUE Mother’s Day Gifting

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At Board & Brush, we know that finding the perfect gift for Mom is no easy feat. After all, what do you give the woman that gives YOU everything? While we know that most moms will say they don’t need anything, we think that Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil the special mom or mother figure in your life.

So how can Board & Brush help? When we think of gifts that often mean the most to Mom, we think of:

  • Handmade gifts
  • Personalized gifts
  • Gifts with flowers
  • The gift of quality time

And we’re happy to report that Board & Brush can help you out in all four of those categories!

Allow us to share more…

Handmade Gifts

Remember back when you were little how you’d make your mom handmade gifts? Think fingerpainting, pottery in your school’s art class, drawings, and more. Even if you don’t remember all of your special projects, we’re sure that your mom does.

The sentiment of making Mom a handmade gift is as special as ever even as we get older. At Board & Brush, we make it easy to create something beautiful that your mom will be proud to display in her home – and brag to others about what her son or daughter created for her!

Our workshops are instructor-led, meaning you don’t need to be a DIY pro to create something beautiful. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the DIY process, so when you’re finished, you’ll LOVE what you’ve created.

Book a seat at an upcoming workshop to create something special for Mom!

DIY Workshop Sip & Paint
DIY Workshop Night Out

Personalized Gifts

Our gallery is filled with projects featuring family personalization. So why not create something for Mom that celebrates your family and the love shared within it? You can choose projects with your last name, special family dates, names of children, and more. We strive to offer projects that are unique to each and every family!

And while we’ve already touched on the thoughtfulness of a handmade gift, Board & Brush also has premade projects available for purchase. That way, you’re still able to give a sentimental gift even if you’re not able to make it into the studio.

Check out some of our favorite personalized projects we think Mom will love:

Gifts with Flowers

We know that the go-to gift for Mom is usually flowers. And hey, there’s a reason they’re such a popular gift! Surely everyone loves the bright colors and sweet scents that flowers add to their home.

This Mother’s Day, if you’re looking for a way to ‘step up’ your flower gifting, consider surprising Mom with a beautiful décor piece designed to display fresh flowers and plants! At Board & Brush, we offer floral-inspired projects like flower boxes, succulent boxes, and porch planters.

Check them out (and register here to get started OR purchase a pre-filled flower box from your local studio*):

*subject to availability

If gifts featuring fresh flowers don’t quite work due to allergies or pets, we have another fun solution for you! Give Mom the gift of a DIY project featuring floral graphics. That way, you’re still gifting flowers…but in an outside-of-the-box kind of way!

The Gift of Quality Time

Last, but certainly not least, consider surprising Mom this Mother’s Day with the gift of quality time. Our DIY workshops were designed to bring people together in moments of celebration. At Board & Brush, you and your mom will arrive at an upbeat studio filled with creative energy, welcoming staff, fun music, and your favorite drinks. The best part of all – you’ll be spending time together.

Book an upcoming workshop for you and your mom here, or gift Mom with a Board & Brush gift card so that you can decide on a future event together ❤️

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