The Power of Positive Speaking

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Saying something nice to someone has the power to brighten their day – or even change the course of their life. And it just might have the same effects on you.

According to the people who decide such things, Friday, June 1 is “National Say Something Nice Day.” Though it may be a silly idea for a “holiday,” it’s a great idea for general living. After all, shouldn’t every day be “Say Something Nice Day”?

There are few things in life that can uplift others a much as a few kind words. Sharing a compliment or an encouraging thought can have a huge effect. It can change someone’s day or even their week. In fact, saying the right thing at the right time can even change the course of someone’s life.

As American poet Emily Dickinson once said, “I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.”

Here’s another reason to offer kind words: Saying nice things to others doesn’t just make them feel good. It gives you a warm rush of good feelings, too! Like ripples on a pond, positive energy grows and spreads whenever you share it. Mother Theresa understood this effect. “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless,” she said.

Offering encouragement can be especially powerful. Everybody has struggles in life, even if they don’t let it show. So you never know when a few positive words might be just what someone might need to face their fears, get over that hump, or overcome whatever challenges they might be facing.

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