Five Gift-Worthy DIY Wood Kitchen Sign Ideas

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Have you ever wondered why the kitchen is referred to as the “heart of the home”? What is the magnetic attraction that makes everyone want to congregate in the kitchen? While previously used primarily for preparing and cooking meals, many kitchens have morphed into, and are now designed as, the epicenter of the home.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, Americans spend billions on their kitchens each year. Amy Astley, editor of AD Magazine, states “Today’s dream kitchens are all about personality — embracing creativity rather than adhering to any one formula or Pinterest board.” The space serves many purposes as a place for a family meal or meeting, a place to sip wine with friends, a corner carved out as a home office, and most certainly a place to showcase your child’s beautiful art creations.

Kitchens not only provide nourishment for our body, but they also provide nourishment for our soul. That’s why giving a personalized DIY wood kitchen sign is the perfect gift for your favorite chef, baker (or even the novice cook) in your life. Check out these five gift-worthy DIY wood kitchen sign ideas:

1. For the Cook
For someone who loves to cook, the kitchen is a where they can embrace their passion for food and family. It’s their place to relax, reflect, be creative and connect with others. They certainly want their kitchen to show their personal style and cooking preferences. Do they love Italian dishes, Latin cuisine or any and everything from the sea? A custom wood kitchen sign can help the master chef in your life add personal flair to their favorite place in the house.

2. For the Baker
If you’re looking for a gift that goes beyond a rolling pin or cake pan, a custom wood kitchen sign for the loved one in your life who enjoys baking may be the perfect birthday, holiday or just-because gift. Just as their chocolate chip cookies are made from scratch and from the heart, the recipient of this gift will understand the love that went into your creation.

3. For the Novice
Not everyone is a master chef but most love spending time in their kitchen, even if they are a novice cook. Personalized wood kitchen signs can stress that it’s more about the love that goes into food, than the experience level of the one making the food.

4. For the Grandma
There may be no greater place on earth than a grandma’s kitchen. For the grandma who loves to cook and is passionate about feeding the ones she loves, a personalized wood kitchen sign will capture the sentimental feeling that can come only from grandma’s cooking.

5. For the Shabby Chic Farmhouse Lover
Shabby chic farmhouse styles are represented in everything from kitchen furniture, lighting, and other décor. Adding a personalized wood DIY sign to a kitchen with a farmhouse look and feel can add a homey and welcoming touch.

Regardless if you’re a take-out master or an aspiring chef, a kitchen often evokes good feelings and memories of gathering for Sunday dinners, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake and raising a glass to celebrate a loved one. Creating a personalized sign that incorporates the recipient’s name and individual style will add a welcoming element to the heart of their home where important moments will be made.

Check out gift-worthy examples of DIY wood kitchen signs for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays and other holidays or special occasions.

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