Wooden Bar Sign Ideas That Will Have You Saying “Cheers”

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A DIY wooden bar sign can add the perfect amount of personality to the entertaining space in your home. You don’t have to be an expert to work with wood, it’s an easy DIY project that anyone can tackle. Create a wooden bar sign that features your name or a fun name for your home bar, a tray to serve your favorite brews, a funny saying, or just a “cheers” to good friends. A wooden bar sign is a great décor element that is sure to be a conversation starter. A Board & Brush workshop is the perfect place to make your personalized creation.

Here are five locations where a wooden bar sign is a must-have and will provide an inviting, decorative touch where you lift a glass and make memories with others.

1.  The Basement Bar
Whether you’ve carved out a corner space or have a sprawling basement bar, a wooden bar sign lets friends, family, and other guests know what to expect when they pull up a stool. Incorporate a clever saying, express your preference for beer or wine, or put your bar’s name on display – all great options to add a personalized and entertaining element to your bar.

2.  Backyard Patio
Are you a grill master or someone who spends a lot of time with guests chatting over beverages on your backyard patio, deck, porch, or fire pit? A custom wood sign is an inviting addition to any ambiance you want to create.

3. Man Cave
A man cave could quite possibly be the most fun space in the house, and definitely a place where you need to add personality. Is it the only room in the house you can call entirely your own? If so, selecting the right décor is vitally important to ensure it is representative of your style. Whether you go rustic, vintage, farmhouse, or modern, choose a theme that is sure to impress during poker, book club, movie or game night with your buddies or girlfriends.

 4. The Pool
One of the best places to incorporate a custom wood DIY bar sign, for both fun and safety purposes, is at your pool. List pool rules or direct guests to the tiki bar for a fun, lighthearted and practical way to share your unique message.

 5. Garage
Do you lack indoor space and find yourself spending hours hanging out with friends in your garage? Adding a few personalized elements of décor can really warm up the space. Regardless if you’re pulling beers out of a fridge or a cooler, adding a wooden bar sign can help transform a simple garage into a home bar all your neighbors will want to visit.

Once you’ve decided the size, location, and ambiance of your bar book a workshop at your local Board & Brush Creative Studio. Workshops are a fun and engaging experience – you bring the creativity and the friendly and helpful instructors will guide you step-by-step through the process and will provide all the necessary supplies to help you create a wooden bar sign that incorporates your own unique personality.

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