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Do you ever think about refreshing your home décor, but you’re not sure where to start? That’s where Board & Brush comes in! At our workshops, we offer a gallery of hundreds of projects that will help you add a warm and welcoming touch to each room in your home. The best part is, you’ll leave with a project that YOU made and added your own, unique touch to. You’ll choose the stain and paint colors that work with your current home décor and choose project types that fit whatever your space is calling for.

Let’s take a look at the different projects that work well in each area of your home!

For the Kitchen:

When it comes to adding décor to your kitchen, Board & Brush has a variety of project types that will not only help you freshen up your space but will also add some practicality to it! Start with a project for the wall that celebrates your love for cooking or perhaps highlights your family name. You can choose the stain and paint colors that complement your cabinet colors and current kitchen décor!

Running out of wall space? Consider adding a personalized tray to your kitchen island that will house your cookbooks, your favorite scented candle, or maybe a vase of fresh flowers. Our kitchen utensils box is a project that features three glass mason jars to store your silverware in a convenient, easy-to-grab location. Décor doesn’t just have to be pretty, it can also help add ease and function to your living spaces!

For the Bathroom:

While the bathroom may not be a notoriously “beautiful” place, that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up stylish home décor! We offer a variety of projects that are sure to add an element of beauty and freshness to the room. Depending on the wall space you have available, you can consider adding a classic trio or perhaps a framed project with a sweet quote. Consider using paint colors that work well with your shower curtain and bath mats. A stunning piece of wall art can be the piece that brings the entire room together!

For the Bedroom:

Next up are the bedrooms – which can often be a relaxing sanctuary for each member of the household. Here, it’s important to curate the décor to each person’s unique interests and décor style.

For the little ones, Board & Brush offers a variety of full-size & mini-projects that highlight hobbies, sports, and other children’s interests. We also have a variety of projects that celebrate newborns – perfect for a nursery! From growth charts to track how your kiddos grow, to crates to hold toys and books, to adorable wall signs, there’s sure to be something every child will love.

For the master bedroom, you’ll find beautiful offerings like framed above-the-bed projects featuring lovely quotes, trays (perfect for those easy coffee-in-bed mornings!), or wall signs that celebrate your marriage or the unity of your family.

For the Family Room:

Perhaps you’re looking for some new décor for the space you most often gather in with loved ones – the family room. From nights spent cozied up by the fireplace or hosting game nights, to movie nights and family celebrations, the family room is a special room where so many memories are created.

To help bring your space to life, Board & Brush offers a wide variety of personalized projects that celebrate your family and the love that unites it. From monograms to family quotes, to seasonal décor, there are so many ways to freshen up your living space. Consider adding a personalized tray to your coffee table, a beautiful clock to your mantle, and a framed sign to your wall!

For the Porch:

While we often focus on the décor that lives inside our home, it can be so fun to add outdoor décor, too! Your front porch is an area that gets a lot of attention – from neighbors passing by, from guests stopping over, and perhaps most importantly, from you as you come home every day! Board & Brush offers a variety of everyday porch décor, as well as a large mix of seasonal décor that can be switched out as the seasons and holidays come and go!

As part of our specialty workshops, we offer porch projects like benches, doormats, and porch planters of several different sizes! We make it easy to breathe some life into your outdoor spaces and to create projects that are totally, uniquely YOU!

For the Patio:

As the seasons change and the warm sun begins to shine, we often find ourselves moving the entertaining from inside the home to outside! There’s just something about gathering outdoors with friends and family: surrounding the fire or enjoying food fresh off the grill.

In the spirit of outdoor entertaining, Board & Brush offers a variety of projects that are sure to spruce up your patio. From trays that aid with grilling and making yummy s’mores, to functional garden projects and signs, there are many ways to bring the DIY to your outdoor spaces!

Feeling inspired? It’s time to come to a DIY workshop! We’ll provide you with all of the tools and instructions you’ll need to leave with a piece of décor that is worthy of your home.

To find your local studio, visit our Workshop Locations page! There, you’ll be able to find an upcoming workshop that works best for your schedule. You bring the creativity, we’ll help with the rest!

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