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Express your artistic side and have some fun with an Easter Egg hunt that you can do in your home or backyard! Simply download our Easter Egg Template and start designing!


Pens, Crayons, Pencils, Paint,  Washi Tape, etc.

*Don’t have a printer at home? That’s ok, just draw some oval egg shapes on a piece of white paper that works too!

Step 1:
Print and cut your Easter eggs.

Step 2:
Decorate your Easter eggs with crayons, watercolor paints, or washi tape, etc.

Step 3:
Ready for more fun? Make it into a scavenger hunt! Have one person hide the Easter eggs around the house while the other person finds them. Switch off and on with who hides the eggs and who finds them. If you want to make it extra challenging, start a timer and see who can find all of the eggs quicker!

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