Good friends become best friends through shared experiences

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We all know the unique sense of joy that comes from having a close group of friends. It’s with your best friends that you make lifetime memories – stories you tell your children, grandchildren, and treasure in your heart forever.

Creating lifetime bonds through shared memories is important. Whether it be a camp you went to as children, the coffee shop you frequented together weekly, or even the college class you both loved. Having mutual memories can bring friendships even closer.

The Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford says friendship is “the single most important factor influencing our health, well-being, and happiness.” Not only is a DIY workshop a great place to make these memories together, but you will leave with a unique piece of decor for your home that will remind you of your experience every time you see it.

At Board & Brush, we understand the value of lifetime friendships and the memories that come from them. This is why we strive to make our workshops a fun, inspiring environment. A place to make lasting connections with your closest friends.

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