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Sure, a corporate team building event can be really fun. But have you ever thought about how it can actually benefit your company? Here are five ways a corporate event can give a boost to your company culture and your bottom line.


Remember how excited you got when you were a kid and you heard those two magic words, field trip? The truth is that as adults we still get excited about a disruption in routine. Getting out of the office for a day, or even just a few hours, can invigorate your employees in ways the regular office routine cannot.

It may seem like sacrificing precious work hours for a little bit of office fun would be expensive. But not when you consider the costs of overly stressed employees. For one thing, burned-out employees are more likely to quit. And studies show that the cost of replacing an employee is typically about 21 percent of their annual salary. That’s a lot compared to the cost of a corporate outing or event.


One way or another, every job requires some level of creativity. Nurturing the creative side of your employees can go a long way toward making them more stimulated, innovative, and productive. A corporate event that encourages creativity can pay off big time.

It can also be an opportunity to show employees how creative they really are. An event that involves art or crafting is a great way to help people discover the artist inside themselves. They may just need a little help coaxing it out – and you can provide that opportunity.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” And it’s as true in business as it is in sports. Productivity soars when employees get along, work well together, and collaborate. The catch is that sometimes when things get hectic in the office, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for employees to relax and just get to know one another.

When people know and like each other, they work together better, and morale and productivity soar.


Your employees work hard, and sometimes – especially when things get really busy – they can start to wonder if their hard work is being appreciated. An engaging corporate event is an opportunity to say “we value who you are and what you do!” in a fun and creative way. In other words, it’s a way to say, “thank you” – something you can never do too many times.


A fun corporate event is a great opportunity to make a splash on social media. You can post on your own corporate channels, but you can also encourage your employees to post on theirs. If your event is really fun and exciting, they’ll probably do it anyway, without any prompting. Tip: Provide a hashtag for employees to use and share those posts on your company feed.

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