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At Board & Brush, we have always been honored to play a small role in your special milestones. Whether it’s hosting an event with us to celebrate a birthday, bridal shower, retirement party, and more, or it’s creating a project with us to display at your wedding or to announce the birth of your child, we are so proud to be included in your lives!

We pride ourselves on offering not only a creative experience in an uplifting atmosphere but also an expansive gallery full of projects for whatever you’re decorating for. When you think of Board & Brush, we hope you think of…

1. A Memorable Place to Host a Gathering

If it’s something you can celebrate…it’s something we can host! Our workshops are a great way to bring people together. We aspire to create an atmosphere that inspires creativity, laughter, collaboration, and FUN! Regardless of experience or creativity level, our workshops provide an inclusive setting to celebrate all of life’s biggest milestones: birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, holiday parties, corporate events, and more! Visit our website to learn all about our private party offerings.

2. A Place to Create DIY Wedding Décor

When it comes to planning a wedding, we know that there are so many details to consider. The least we could do is help you with the decorating! We offer a wide variety of wedding projects: from welcome signs, to guest “books”, to religious verses, and more. In studio, you’ll be able to choose the stain and paint colors to compliment your wedding style, meaning that you’ll leave with a project that is unique to you as a couple. Plus, turn your Board & Brush experience into the ultimate bachelorette party or bridal shower, where you’ll be able to DIY with your best friends by your side!

3. A Place to Celebrate and Decorate for a Growing Family

One of our favorite milestones to celebrate is a new addition to the family! We’ve curated project options perfectly fit to announce the arrival of a baby, to decorate the nursery, to track the growth of your little ones, or to celebrate two families joining as one. Through all of our new releases, family is always at the forefront!

4. A Place to Create the Perfect Gift

It’s often said that it’s not about the gift, but rather about the thought and effort that goes into the gift. What could be more thoughtful than a unique project created with your own two hands? When you begin to think about the perfect gift for loved ones celebrating their milestones (weddings, new homes, babies, etc.), consider creating something at Board & Brush to leave a lasting impact.

5. A Place to Create Projects to Adorn your Home – Both Inside and Out!

We are a firm believer that sometimes the best thing to celebrate is life in general! While we love being your spot for the big moments, we will always be honored to be a part of your everyday lives – as you decorate for the change of seasons or as you refresh your décor simply because you’d like something new. With 500+ designs in our gallery, we are confident that there is something special for every family and every home!

At the end of the day, we are so grateful for each customer who visits our workshops – no matter the reason! Whether you’re looking to celebrate the big moments or the small ones, we’d love to host you for an experience you won’t soon forget.

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