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When you think of Board & Brush, you’ll likely think of personalized, farmhouse-inspired home décor. And while that certainly is our “bread and butter”, we pride ourselves on offering a gallery of designs fit for every home and every décor style. We want every single one of our customers to be able to create their dream DIY project in our workshops!

Recently, our customers have been loving designs that are bold and patterned-focused. From flourishes to floral to stripes to vintage shapes and more, these patterned designs are always a standout in every space. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your space – both indoor and outdoor – we’re here to show you a little DIY inspiration with patterns at the forefront!

Patterned Trays & Trivets:

When you attend a Board & Brush workshop, it’s safe to say that you’ll likely see a few people creating one of our trays. These projects are always a favorite due to their functional aspect and overall design. While we do offer a variety of tray designs with inspiring messaging and family personalization, we also continue to grow our offerings with bold and abstract patterns. If you’re looking for a way to easily elevate your coffee table, ottoman, or dining area, our patterned trays and trivets are for you!

What We Offer: framed trays, box trays, standard trays with handles on top, trivets

Customer Favorite Patterns: Farmhemian Pattern Tray, Mason Jar Floral Tray, Whimsical Floral Tray, Farmhouse Tile Tray, Abstract Floral Trivet

Patterned Porch Projects:

When decorating your home, it can be easy to forget that your outdoor spaces are just as fun to decorate as your indoor spaces! After all, every guest that you welcome to your home will see and appreciate your outside décor (and we bet the neighbors and passers-by will too!). We continue to release porch projects that feature patterns and design elements (occasionally accompanied by family personalization). We figure that if your porch décor is the first thing a guest will notice, you want it to make a statement! And when it comes to making your project, you’ll get to choose stain and paint colors to compliment your home and the surrounding décor right in the workshop.

What We Offer: porch signs, porch planters (both big and small!), box planters, doormats

Customer Favorite Patterns: Dragonfly Botanical, Botanical Flourish Planks, Folk Art Family Doormat, Farmhemian Box Planter, Scandinavian Floral Planter

Patterned Wall Projects:

We are proud to offer a variety of projects that celebrate family and showcase sentimental quotes. But, we know that it’s nice to incorporate a mix of design styles and not solely focus on wording and personalization. That’s where our more patterned-centric designs wall signs come in! We offer a variety of wall projects that put design elements at the forefront, so that even with some added personalization or a special quote, the project feels like an abstract work of art.

What We Offer: wall signs, coat racks, clocks

Customer Favorite Patterns: Damask Floral Pattern Clock, Folk Art Family, Leaf Flourish Shelf, Floral Pattern Coat Rack, Retro Flowers

We always love to see the DIY magic our customers create – no matter their project choice or design style! Our workshops leave so much room for creativity, and no two projects will ever turn out identically. No matter what you feel like making next, you’ll surely never run out of project options! And the best part is, even when you feel like you’ve seen every project available…there’s always a new release around the corner! Come on in to DIY with us soon.

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