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Even when things are still a little crazy in the world – or maybe especially – camping with your family is a great way to escape the everyday. The fresh air. The blue skies. The trees. Marshmallows roasted over an open fire. The lack of screen time. It all adds up to high-quality time with your favorite people in the world.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the great outdoors. Your time in the wild can be as basic or as elaborate as you want it to be. (“Glamping,” anyone?). To help you get off the couch and out the door, we’ve put together a few tips for making your next family campout – even if it’s your first – one that will create lasting, loving memories.

1. It Starts with the Right Spot

Not all campsites are created equal. If you don’t already have a favorite place to set up camp, start by doing a little research. The best source of information? Friends who camp! Ask around. You’ll likely get flooded with ideas.

If you’re really just starting out, or don’t have a lot of time, why not set up in your own backyard? Younger kids especially will love this idea. After all, some of the best memories are made the closest to home.

2. Bring Along a few Games

Hiking, canoeing, swimming … these are all prime camping activities. But so is just hanging out around the campsite, all together. You can spice up this “downtime” (and keep the kids occupied when Mom and Dad just want to rest) by bringing along a few simple games. We’ve got you covered with backyard games like Cornhole and Giant Tower.

Backyard Games Tower
Backyard Dominos Camping
Backyard Dice and Box

3. Stock Up on Snacks

Somehow, you just get hungrier in the great outdoors. Keeping a generous supply of snacks around the campsite will only enhance your experience. Pay special attention to the campfire time! We mentioned marshmallows already, but no camping trip is complete until you dress up those toasty treats into full-blown s’mores.

And just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t be organized. You can keep all your snacks and supplies in a beautiful hand-crafted S’mores Station that you build and personalize yourself.

S'mores Box- 14x4x6
King of the Grill Tray 14x26

4. Designate a “Grill Master”

Cooking food outside is not everybody’s favorite thing, but there’s usually one person in group who will embrace the challenge. Put him or her in charge of meals. Give them absolute authority around the fire or grill. Then make sure they know they’re appreciated with a “King of the Grill” tray.

5. Pack a Campfire Kit

Depending on the time of year, it can get pretty chilly in the woods at night – even when you’re huddled around a campfire. Blankets can come in handy, and bug spray is a must. Matches and fire starting materials (did you know that lint from the dryer makes great tinder?) are useless if you can’t find them. Keep all these campfire essentials in one place with a super-cool, one-of-a-kind Fire Pit Crate you build and personalize for your family.

Fire Pit Crate

6. Live in the Moment!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember why you’re out there! To relax, have fun, forget your troubles for a while, and spend precious time with family.

Camping is not without challenges. No matter how well you plan, chances are things will not go perfectly. That’s part of the fun! And it usually makes for the best stories. Embrace the challenges and keep a positive attitude. Remember: “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure!”

Hey, that would make a pretty good sign, don’t you think?

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